Signs, symbols and emblems: eve story


These images, which are imposed on us since childhood, and which by turn, amuse us or horrify us, these fake or genuine signs, tiny or invasive, that we don't see any more, that we see too often, Corinne FhiMa has taken them over. Eve is the primal figure, around which all of her body of work

is centered. Become a series, eve marketeve factoryeve delivery,

Eve home, is the object of complex compositions, endlessly answering, repeating themselves, within a fire nourished by stories, symbols, emblems and signs, which the artist combines and throws inside installations, videos and performances. Eve creator of humankind?  Now, symbols keel over. Here, Eve shall be manufactured. There, Eve shall be purchased and delivered. Over there, she will be consumed.

A meat-woman duplicated in masse, within butchers' trays, yellow, green, red: eve I love Marxeve CAC 40.  Symbols and signs answer each other choirlike, in refrigerating,  sophisticated cupboards or in carrier bags made of nylon film.  Huge trademarks of the present, tiny emblems of the past. 

Here is Wonder Woman, a super heroin who casually transports the mother of humanity like a piece of market meat. The era of the living painting has arrived.  Corinne FhiMa performs, acts, sings, slams in the cities: Brussels, Paris, New York, it is eve delivery.  Emblems, signs?  Plastic bags, housekeeping gloves (pink), wigs (blond), naked figurines, heroic, wearing boots (black, red); riding a giant lobster (recognized) on bathroom window curtains, Women objects? Rerouting of the meaning of signs and shapes.  Real or fake, everything is fiction and plays on the labels where the pre-emptive date does not exist; plays with the counterfeits, languages. Delivery guaranteed immediately  on the social networks, a flow of terror-stricken images, alarming. 




New series and projects 2019

paradise USA low cost

200x200 cm and variable dimensions

Ikea bags, artificials plants, inflatables, crates, 
trimmings, pearls

water drop paradise

260x200 cm and variable dimensions

artificials plants and flowers, inflatables, crates, nets
trimmings, pearls, plastic indian tea pot, african plastic can

paradise OK

200x200 cm and variable dimensions

artificials plants and flowers, inflatables, crates, emoji pelows
trimmings, pearls